Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Back to School - Day 8

I'm so tired today!

This morning I groomed a lovely Westie called Rosie. She had a short haircut all over and I scissored her feet and legs and have her a nice round face.

She was really well behaved and this was a relatively easy groom.

The afternoon was a completely different story all together and was enough to make me doubt what I was doing for a little bit. This is Poppy the Bichon X Jack Russell. Poppy hates everything about being groomed and to demonstrate just how much she hates every aspect of being groomed she spins round and screams the most high pitch scream I have ever heard. It pierces your war drums and actually really hurts. I had 3 hours of this and really struggled to groom her. Luckily I had people there to help me otherwise I don't know what I would have done.

She doesn't look too bad but I really wasn't happy with her groom when I was finished. Her daddy didn't seem to care though as he really liked her haircut and even left a tip!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring some very nicely behaved doggies as I've come home today in not a very good mood with a splitting headache.

Fingers crossed!

Hayley x

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