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Bambi & Bear's Review: Precious Pets Luxury Dog Shampoo

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Hope you are all OK and enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. I've been meaning to blog about this for a while now but as usual I just hadn't got around to it. A few weeks ago the lovely people at Precious Pets sent me some samples of their luxury dog shampoo to review. They launched their company at Crufts this year and they create naturally derived luxury dog shampoo.

I bathed Bambi and Bear this weekend after a lovely long walk in the woods and decided to try it out. Usually I use Pet Head "Fears for Tears" Green Apple & Kiwi Tearless Shampoo and Furtastic Blueberry Muffin Creme Rinse Conditioner for Curly and Long Coats. I've been a Pet Head fan for some time now so I was interested to see how these new luxury shampoos would compare.

Bambi has bathed in Country Garden which smelled of lovely flowers and lavender, and Bear was bathed in Vanilla Dreams which as you can probably guess was a gorgeous vanilla scent.

Both shampoos felt lovely, lathered really well and made the dog's coats feel super soft. I would recommend using a conditioner with them though. Normally I always use comditiomer as I have long haired dogs and it helps to prevent matting, but decided against it for the purpose of this review and did find that their coats were a little more prone to knots when I was brushing them straight after the bath. Precious Pets are releasing a range of conditioners but I'm not sure when these will be available to buy. I'll let you know as soon as they are available and I'll do a review of the conditioners as soon as I can.

You can see my Vine videos of Bambi and Bear enjoying their Precious Pets bath time below...

And here's them after a good brushing...

Look how fluffy they look! Their coats were so soft and shiny, and I've now developed a weird habit of smelling them all the time because they smell so delicous. A little bit awkward when you're out in public and caught sniffing your dog. Lol!

I would definitely use these shampoos again and would recommend them to anyone else. At £19.99 for a bottle I think they are reasonably priced as they only use great quality ingredients that you would also find in human quality shampoo. I would always be prepared to pay more for higher quality products, especially when it comes to my animals.

Here's what they say on their website about their products:

"Welcome to Precious Pets. We are a small family run company, with big ambitions, produced entirely in the UK.

Our dog shampoo is made of the highest quality ingredients that would usually be found in premium natural human skin care products. It is extra gentle on your dog’s skin, to ensure that no skin irritation should occur.

Ingredients include extracts and derivatives of Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Oat Meal and Vitamin B5.

Our shampoo is kind to the skin and enhances the natural qualities of all coat types, leaving it glossy and healthy, without stripping the natural oils. It is low-lather, meaning you need to use less of it on the coat and it washes in and out quicker than high-lather synthetic shampoos."

Bambi and Bear loved their bath with Precious Pets Luxury Dog Shampoo. Their coats are shiny and soft, and they can't wait for their next bath time. Extra Brownie Points for being produced entirely in the UK too!

If you want to find out more about the company, and order any of their shampoos online you can do so by visiting the website at or find them on Facebook and Twitter.


P.S If any of you have any pictures of your pets taking a bath, I'd love to see! Leave a link to your blog post in the comments below or you can email them to me at woof(at)poodlesandpompadours(dot)com.

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