Thursday, 29 January 2015

Asian Fusion Grooming

What is Asian Fusion Grooming?
Asian Fusion style grooming takes traditional styling commonly used in the UK and mixes it with the more extreme and creative grooming styles popular in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Dogs are usually made to look like extremely cute teddy bears and are often compared to cuddly toys or cartoon characters due to their exaggerated features.

Asian Fusian grooming has become quite popular in western countries such as the USA and is gaining popularity here in the UK thanks to it's introduction by Pammie Carmicheal Hogg. Pammie is considered to be the UK's resident expert and inventor of the Asian Fusion style and hosts and judges many competitions and workshops across the UK and abroad.

Pammie showing off one of her Asian Fusion styles.

Alternative Asian Fusion styling by Riza Wisnom - another Asian grooming expert!

Asian Fusion grooming usually incorporates softer versions of common Asian grooming elements such as:

  • Short, round faces and muzzles
  • Round ears set high on the head
  • Pronounced and/or rounded tails
  • Rounded, volumised trousers and leg furnishings
  • Decorative accessories such as ties, bows and ribbons as well as the use of creative colouring.
The great thing about Asian Fusion is that it is easy on the owner. The bodies are often kept short which means owners can have a really manageable style that is easy to maintain at home but still have a look that is extremely cute and appealing. 

Asian Freesyle Seminar by Scissor Yappy

Ever since I became aware of Asian Grooming early last year I have wanted to try it. I love the exaggerated cute look and was lucky enough to witness my mentor Heidi Anderton demonstrate a fusion style used to transform a matted poodle during my training, so when my friend Lia told me about the demonstration day she was holding at her salon in Ascot by the fabulous and award winning Wayne Roby from Scozzor Yappy I knew I had to book my place.

I had a great day at the salon demo with 11 other groomers from across the South East and got to watch demonstrations of 4 different Asian freestyle trims on 4 different breeds. The great thing about Asian freestyle is that it's so versatile that you can adapt aspects of it to fit almost any dog. You can go the whole way with short bodies and dramatic flared legs or just incorporate a cute face into your usual styling.

I came away with lots of new information and a sketch book of new ideas and styles that I can't wait to try out.

What do you think about Asian fusion grooming? Do you like the Japenese inspired looks or do you prefer the more traditional styles?

Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget I'm on the look out for volunteers to practise on!

Hayley x


  1. Dear Hayley. Thank you very much for your answer to my previous comment! I love these Asian fusion styles! This was exactly the kind of style I was hoping to give my own little poodle ;-)
    Sadly I do not live near by - otherwise I would be happy to have you practise on my own dog. But if you are ever in Copenhagen... please let me know! Have a wonderful day :-)

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