Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Poodles and Pompadours embark on a new Grooming Qualification

In 2014 I completed my City and Guilds Level 3 Introductory Dog Grooming qualification and since then I have been wanting to further my learning and add to my certifications and qualifications. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go down the City and Guilds route again so last week after much deliberation I decided to take the leap and I became a member of the International Professional Groomers Association and will be working towards becoming an International Certified Groomer and ultimately hope to receive the ICMG title after my name which stands for International Certified Master Groomer. This can only be achieved if a pass mark of 86% or higher is gained in every exam taken.

This qualification involves taking 10 exams. The first part is to become Salon Details Certified. This is 2 exams (one written and one practical) and these must be passed with 80% or higher if you wish to continue with the rest of the qualification. If you pass these exams with 80% or higher you earn the title of SDC after your name and become and IPG Salon Details Certified Groomer.

If you wish you may then continue on to complete 8 more exams. (4 written and 4 practical) if you pass these with a mark of 70% or higher you earn the International Certified Groomer qualification.

If you pass all of these exams with 86% or higher you will then be invited to take a further 2 exams to gain the coveted International Certified Master Groomer title and if passed with 86% or higher you will earn the letters ICMG after your name.

My goal is to end up with those letters after my name and I have 5 years to complete the qualification. I take the Salon Details part of the qualification in April so wish me luck!

Hayley x