Monday, 27 May 2013

Our #PPPOTM Pet of the Month is...

Our Poodles and Pompadours Pet of the Month for April is...


@lili_la_scala: @PoodlePompadour #PPPOTM Here's JackJack cuddling a sausage dog called Bismarck!

JackJack is a Sphynx cat, he's so cute and he even has his own twitter!

You can follow him at @PirateSphynx.

@lili_la_scala: @PoodlePompadour And here is JackJack with his sister Sela. They both only have one eye!!

Congratulations JackJack!

I'd also like to say a huge Congratulations to our runners up, Rascal and Dorris.

JackJack has won a gift voucher for money off of our website.

Such cuties!

Don't forget to enter our #PPPOTM next month for a chance to win. We will be opening our entries from Monday 10th June.

Good luck!

Hayley xo


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