Friday, 24 May 2013

And our #PPPOTM finalists are.....

I had so many entries for our Poodles and Pompadours Pet of The Month competition that you have made it nearly impossible for me to choose a winner.

All of your pets are just too cute!

I've narrowed it down to 3 finalists and I will be announcing the winner on Monday.

The finalists are...


JackJack the Sphynx.

Doris the Dog


Rascal the Guinea Pig!


@lili_la_scala: @PoodlePompadour #PPPOTM Here's JackJack cuddling a sausage dog called Bismarck!

@Constancepeach: @PoodlePompadour #PPPOTM Doris :) dressed up with nowhere to go!

@StarrLitLove: @PoodlePompadour Here is my boy, Rascal, with his "baby". :) #PPPOTM


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