Thursday, 30 May 2013

24 Hour Countdown for our Crowdfunder Project STARTS NOW!

Our Crowdfunder Project goes live at 8am tomorrow morning. This is 24 hours earlier than originally planned.

We have 30 days from 31st May 2013 to raise the £360 needed to fund our Grooming Course.

You can read all about my project by clicking on the link here to get to my previous blog posts on the subject.

What can you do to prepare for tomorrow? Click here to sign up to Crowdfunder and get your account ready if you would like to pledge to our project tomorrow.


We are offering rewards to everyone that pledges and the rewards range from a box of homemade cookies to a surprise goody bag. You can pledge anything from £1 to £50 and every little helps. Even if you pledged £1 and ypu convinced 4 friends to do the same, we would get to our £360 target in no time.

But remember, there is a catch. If we down reach our £360 goal in the 30 days required, WE DON'T GET THE MONEY, so it's essential that we get as many people on board as possible. Please spread the word and convince your friends to pledge a few pounds. It will completely change my small business and open up so many new doors for me.

Thank you.

Until tomorrow,

Hayley xo


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