Thursday, 16 May 2013

Give Love, Get Love: Our Crowdfunder Project & Rewards

So yesterday I told you all about how we have been approved for our Crowdfunder project and how from 1 June 2013 we will have 30 days to raise a minimum of £360 for me to complete my Professional DogGrooming Diploma in order for me to expand Poodles and Pompadours.

Well as I said yesterday, I'm not just asking for charity. If you pledge to help support me and help my business to grow, you will get sometime back in return, other than just the awesome feeling of knowing that you're helping someone to follow their dreams.

Below is a list of the Rewards that you can receive if you pledge as little as £1 to help us get started. Remember, we only have 30 days to reach our £360 goal, so we need to raise a minimum of £12 per day to stay on target.

  • For either £1 or £2 you can get a signed Thank You Card from Myself, Bambi and Bear.
  • You can donate £5 and not receive anything for your donation other than an awesome feeling and lots of happy wagging talks.
  • Pledge £8 and you will receive a box of homebaked dog cookies.
  • Pledge £10 and you can choose any of the bandanas from our website. These are usually priced at £12 plus postage so you're getting yourself a bargain.
  • Pledge £15 and you will receive a handpainted treat jar from our website. Usually priced at £20 plus postage
  • Pledge £18 and you'll receive an awesome Poodles and Pompadours T-Shirt that I've screen printed by hand. These are not available to the general public yet!
  • Pledge £20 and get a £25 gift voucher to spend on our website.
  • Pledge £25 and get a £30 gift voucher to spend on our website.
  • Pledge £30 and get a Retro Candy Stripe pet bowl which is available in 4 colours. It is handpainted and personalised with your pet's name on it. These are £35 on our website plus postage.
  • Pledge £40 and get 2 for the price of 1 grooming session once I have completed my grooming course. This is only available to local Maidenhead residents.
  • Pledge £50 and get a surprise goodie bag filled with handmade gifts and treats worth over £50! Everyone loves a Lucky Dip!

Our project goes live on June 1st. £360 could actually change my small business and my life forever and it would all be down to you.

I will let you know all of the relevant links etc for when it goes live, and will keep you up to date with any progress.

Please share this with your friends and family. Even if you and 5 of your friends just donated £1 or £2 each, if everyone did that then I would reach my goal in no time at all.

I know this is such a difficult time for everyone, and people are really suffering financially but all it takes is a few tweets, a Facebook like and a couple of £s and something magical could happen here.

Until next time,

Hayley xo


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