Thursday, 13 March 2014

Back to School - Day 4

Today I bathed and dried Pandora the Bichon after she decided to get very mucky walking in the park this morning. I tidied her feet and Christine showed me how to clear out the hair from around her eyes with curved scissors.

Now she's back to being her normal fluffy monkey self!

Then after lunch I partnered up with Kathy and we did half of Hendrix each. Hendrix is a Spanish Water Dog. His owners like to have him shaved off as the coat is hard to manage. He was quite matted in some places and hated having his feet touched so that was a bit of a challenge. He barely looks recognisable!

Then at the end of the day a kitty came in to have her claws clipped and bottom shaved. 

I'm absolutely exhausted and my feet are killing me so it's an early night for me with some sushi and rubbish TV.

I wonder what doggies tomorrow will bring?

Hayley x

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