Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Back to School - Day 12

This morning I had some aggressive dog handling training with Christine. This little doggie was in for some rehabilitation work as he had bitten his last groomer and has unable to be groomed since.

After Chrstine spent some time with him and used positive reinforcement methods to help him overcome his fear based aggression he settled down and actually seemed to enjoy his groom.

In the afternoon I did my first full Westie cut and it went really well. I really enjoyed grooming Chaz although she didn't make it easily as she loves to stand really awkwardly which is rather tricky when you're trying to scissor her legs!

In the afternoon I was also very lucky to meet world renowned Animal Psychologist and behavioural expert Dr Roger Mugford and his dog PC.

They were both very lovely and it was great to meet such a highly respected man. 

I wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow?

Hayley x

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