Monday, 24 March 2014

Back to School - Day 11

Back at it after a nice relaxing weekend. I didn't go to the creative grooming competition in the end, but I did go on a nice dog walk and had a lovely home cooked Sunday dinner.

This morning I did my first Schnauzer cut on a Welsh Terrier named Bertie.

I didn't get very good pictures of the finished cut so I was a bit annoyed but Bertie was very sweet and looked lovely aftwerwards.

In the afternoon there was a last minute cancellation so I shaved Ettie's feet and face and face and gave her a manicure with nice red nails. 

For anyone that says creative grooming is  cruel, just look at how relaxed Ettie is whilst having her manicure. She lies on the table with no restraints and really enjoys having her nails painted.

Until tomorrow,
Hayley x

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