Sunday, 23 March 2014

Back to School - Day 10

Oops! I forgot the write my Day 10 post!

Yesterday morning I did a bath and tidy on a lovely American Golden Retriever called Jussi. He is the sweetest most gentle dog ever. I wish he could talk because he seems very wise.

After lunch I got to practise my scissoring techniques on Chloe the Pomeranian. She is absolutely gorgeous and only has one eye. I got to practise a little bit and then Christine did an amazing job of finishing her. She makes it look so easy but it really isn't!

I also went in for the afternoon today as I was really bored and had nothing better to do.
I groomed Dillon the Shih Tzu. Dillon came in severely matted and had to be shaved off with a 7F blade on her body and a 10 on her legs, tummy and some of her face.

It was really horrible to see such a sweet little dog in such a state. All the hair between her toes was matted together which must have been very uncomfortable when she tried to walk, and she even had mats on her genitals.

Dillon felt much better afterward though and I was happy that I could have made her feel better.

I spent a locket evening relaxing and eating Chinese food with Christine this evening and I'm off to a creative grooming completion with Heidi on Sunday so that should be fun.

Speak soon,
Hayley x

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