Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Back to School - Day 7

How is it Tuesday and Day 7 already!?
My time here is flying by!

This morning I groomed this lovely toy poodle called Angel. She's absolutely tiny! Her owners asked for her to be shaved short all over so she has a short body, topknot on her head with teddy bear ears and a pompom tail.

After lunch I groomed another border terrier who was hand stripped all over. Unfortunately she had fleas and not a very nice coat so we did they best that we could with her. She has to come back in a few days for a flea bath as you cannot bath dogs who have been handstripped as the shampoo can cause irritations to the open pores in the skin afterwards.

Really tired today so straight home to bed for me!

Speak tomorrow,
Hayley x

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