Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Irish Surprise, The Party and The Farmers Market.

Now that I've finally recovered from the exhaustion of "The Surprise Weekend" or "Operation Fluffy Eagle" as we called it, I can finally tell you all about it.
The weekend of August 9 - 11 was probably the busiest and most stressful weekend of the year for me, or maybe even my life.
We had planned two surprises for one of my close relatives 65th birthday. The first was to surprise him on the Friday, as we had flown some of his family over from Ireland without him knowing, and the second was a surprise party on Saturday with his family and close friends.
Let me just say this before I start: I WILL NEVER PLAN A SURPRISE PARTY EVER AGAIN!
It is the most stressful event I have ever organised, and I absolutely love organising events. However, it was totally worth it as everyone really enjoyed themselves but I definitely won't be doing it again. Someone else can plan the surprises from now on.
We had a lovely lunch on Friday after the family arrived from the airport, and then on Saturday morning everyone else went out to Windsor for coffee and breakfast whilst myself and K set up the garden for the party.
I did all of the catering for about 25 people, and I was up at 5am baking bread!
I was absolutely exhausted by the time the party started a 2pm, but it was all totally worth it to see everyone having a good time, and I got lots of compliments on the food which always makes me happy. I love to cook, it's one of the few things that truly relaxes me and I love to hear people's reactions when they try my food (as long as they are nice ones!)
I wore a George black maxi dress with a cardigan as I wasn't sure what the weather was going to be like and I needed to be comfortable all day, but luckily it was nice and sunny and it didn't rain at all. It was also nice and lose fitting so as to disguise my food baby after I tucked in to all the party food.
It was NOT a good week for weight loss. I put on 3.5lbs! Oops!
I did attempt to do pretty make up, and got a few compliments on my Rockalily Vintage Vixen lipstick, but after a few hours in a boiling hot kitchen, most if my foundation had melted off me. It was not a pretty sight!
I had a custom cake made by my best friend Lucy at Juicy Occaiaions and everyone at the party would not shut up about how delicious it was. I think she did at great job at decorating it too. I sent her a sketch of what I wanted and the final cake came out better than I could have imagined. Don't you just love the vinyl record on the top!?
Thanks Lucy & Carla for such a scrummy cake!
After all the food had been eaten and the guests had gone, we all sat round the fire pit until late at night talking. It was really lovely, but unfortunately I was first to go to bed as I just couldn't keep my eyes open!
On Sunday, I popped down to Maidenhead Farmers Market in the morning, as I had won a £5 voucher to spend there through a competition on their Facebook page.
I chose to get some gorgeous venison and recurrent sausages, and the lady on the sausage stall even gave me a pack of duck, apricot and orange sausages for free which was really nice of her! They were delicious! If you're in the area I would recommend popping down for a look. I think they are there every Sunday.

It was a lovely weekend, although very tiring. I can't wait to see everyone again at the next family party, as long as I'm not organising it!

Until next time,

Hayley xo


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