Friday, 30 August 2013

Feeling Fabulous: Hayley Gets a Hair Cut

It's amazing the difference that the smallest changes can make to your life.

Yesterday my lovely Mum treated me to a hair cut as an early birthday present.

As you know, I suffer from a sever anxiety and panic disorder which makes it very hard to do certain things. Dispute making huge progress this year, one of the things that I still find very difficult is getting my hair cut. I think it's the thought of a stranger being so close and up in my personal space that I don't like, but also because hairdressers tend to feel a little like fish bowls these days and everyone can see in and watch you. I hate the whole process and tend to avoid it whenever possible.

I have successfully avoided getting my hair cut since last September, and it's gotten really long, the ends are dry and i basically look like a tramp, so my Mum decided to treat me and have her hairdresser, Tina, come to her house and cut my hair there.

I hadn't really decided on a style that I wanted until a few minutes before she arrived, and originally I was confused about which style to get as I still wanted to be able to do some vintage hairstyles. I think I was finding it quite hard to make a decision because I was nervous, and my brain tends to go very foggy and I find it hard to think clearly and decisively when this happens.

However about 5 minutes before Tina arrived I completely changed my mind and impulsively decided to have my hair cut in a similar style to the picture below.
Tina gave me a quick consultation and explained to me how this particular style would look on me, and what I would have to do to style it like this myself. She said thought the style would suit my face shape as it would frame my face so we decided to go ahead.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out on me and have already received lots of nice compliments which has made me feel really good. I even managed to walk the 2.7 miles home by myself, which I would never have been confident enough to do before.

Crazy how a little thing like a haircut can change something so much isn't it? This was me 2/3 weeks ago at a family party. As you can see my hair was down past my shoulders, and I had my side-fringe plaited as it had outgrown it's shape and I was sick of it hanging lifelessly against my face. The ends of my hair were very dry and split and generally just yucky. They were also uneven as I had been growing out all of the layers of my previous asymmetrical cut.

This is me now. I love having a full fringe! I haven't had one since I was about 18 or so, but a lot of people have said that it suits me so I would definitely keep it. What do you think?

Thanks so much Tina for doing such a great job and making me feel so calm and relaxed throughout the whole process. You're a star! X

What's you're go to hairstyle that always makes you feel confident and fabulous? Have you had any hair disasters? Let me know in the comments below. X

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