Thursday, 1 August 2013

Meet Ralph the Pugicorn

Oh hi.

This is Ralph. Isn't he cute?

Ralph is a magical and mystical creature. He's half unicorn, half pug.

Not really, he's just a pug dressed up as a unicorn, but he doesn't like people to know that. It's damaging to his street cred.

So, Ralph came to live with me in handmade cushion form as I won a competition on Twitter hosted by the lovely Kitty from Kitty's Kitschenette (@thekitschenette). She asked for suggestions on what we would like to see on a cushion, and the best design would be made up and sent to the person who suggested it. Pretty cool, huh!?

She also sent me this amazing little badge.

How cool is that!? I'm going not wear it to all of my events etc.

If you would like to see more Kitty's Kitchenette goodness, including some truly AMAZING Game of Thrones house badges you can check out her website at

or her Facebook page here

Hayley x