Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My New Pink Obsession: Rockalily Lipsticks

A few weeks ago my lovely new Rockalily lipsticks arrived in the post. I really wanted to blog about them straight away but in all honesty, I've had nowhere to wear them.


I've finally left the house and got a chance to test drive them for the first time so now I can tell you all about them. (Lucky you!)


I'm a long time Rockalily convert. I already own the Rockette and Roulette Red shades, and decided to invest in some new pinks when they went on pre-order at the beginning of June.


I had a really hard time choosing which shades I wanted, but as I am absolutely broke at the moment and any spare money I have is going towardsmy driving lessons, I was only going to get one.

My good intentions went out of the window as soon as I saw that Vintage Vixen was back in stock. I've wanted this shade for ages but it's a limited edition shade and I missed out on it last time it went on sale.


I also really wanted a bright pink. I'm usually a red lipstick girl but I wanted a bright pink to mix it up a bit and try something new. I think as I'm losing more weight I'm getting a bit braver with my makeup and wardrobe choices.


Here's me wearing Rockette Red during my recent trip to Disneyland in April.

I had a hard time choosing between two of the bright pinks - Poodle Pink and Pompadour Pink. I was so tempted to buy both due to their incredibly awesome names, but unfortunately my bank balance wouldn't allow it.


I went with the Pompadour and I'm really happy with my decision.


I really love both shades and have received lots of compliments when I wear them which is lovely. Pompadour Pink usually gets the most attention as its the brightest, but Vintage Vixen is probably the one I am going to wear the most as its a great versatile daytime shade and goes well with anything.


My new pink lipsticks go well with my neon pink skull bracelet from Little Peaches. I'm obsessed with pink at the moment!

These lipsticks are really creamy and do not feel as though they are drying your lips out at all, which is usually the case with red lipsticks or bright colours. Maybe it's something to do with the pigments but I haven't really got a clue.


I usually wear the red shades with a lipliner to stop any bleeding, but I haven't done this with any of the pink shades yet as I don't have a pink lipliner. Having said that, I'm really impressed with how long lasting they are, even without a liner.


I love my new lipsticks and I can't wait until I'm earning lots of money so that I can buy 3 of every shade. :)


Here's a bit of a grumpy looking picture of me wearing Pompadour Pink to my slimming group's 1st birthday party.

Thanks Rockalily for providing me with even more fabulous lipsticks. Please don't stop selling them again, because I'll probably cry in my room for at least a week.


Do you own any Rockalily lipsticks? Which shade is your favourite?


Hayley xo

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