Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Inspired Tattoos


So a few weeks ago I got a lovely email from a lady called Mari from Australia. She very sweetly wrote to me to tell me that she loved my work and that we had a lot in common. Mari runs a grooming salon in Australia with her husband and seems like a really lovely lady and I hope we can become friends, even though we love on opposite sides of the world!

She's just got back from a fantastic holiday in the USA and I saw on Facebook that she got this awesome tattoo inspired by my logo whilst she was in Las Vegas.

How cool is that!?

I have to admit I was a bit worried when I first found out about Mari getting this done as I am getting my logo tattooed on me pretty soon, and didn't want to have the same tattoo as someone else - especially as I have such a personal attachment to it and all that it represents. But after explaining that to Mari she kindly agreed to use the logo as inspiration for her own design and not have a replica of it, which she was probably planning on doing anyway but I just wanted to make doubly sure so that we didn't end up being tattoo twins! LOL! Communication is key! I think that the final piece came out great and I love Mari's new tattoo.

As you can see, they are both very similar, but also different enough that I can still go ahead with my own tattoo plans and not feel that someone has the same tattoo as me.

Big thanks to Mari for reaching out and getting in touch with me from all the way around the world - I hope one day that we will be lucky to communicate face to face rather than just though emails.

I feel very privileged to have inspired her with my logo to get such an awesome tattoo.

Also special thanks to Nick at Betty Bee Design for putting up with my demanding requests and designing Betty and Lola to look exactly how I wanted them too. I love them so much, and clearly other people do too!

Hayley xxx


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