Thursday, 31 January 2013

5 Things About Bambi

I did a blog post before called "5 Things About Me" so I thought I would do one for Bambi and Bear too. Bambi's up first, come back next week to learn a bit more about Bear...

1. She's a Pedigree

Bambi is a pedigree Chihuahua. Her full pedigree name is Molly's Angel and she comes from a long line of pedigrees. Some of which were show dogs I believe.

2. She's Irish.

Bambi was born and raised in Cork, Ireland for the first year of her life. We lived in Cork for a while and travelled 2 hours to get her from the breeder. We moved back to England after a little while and here is where she calls home now. My partner and I always bicker about whether she barks in an Irish accent...

3. She's obsessed with elephants.

Bambi's first toy was a miniature Horton toy from the movie Horton Hears A Who. Ever since we gave it to her she has been obsessed with elephants and favours her elephant toys over any other. At one point it got so bad that we had to take her elephants away from her as she would bark and snarl at anyone who went near them. She's very possessive.

4. She's a My Little Pony.

Well not really, but she does has a heart shape on the top of her left thigh like the My Little Pony figures. When we first got her she was all white, with this cute little brown blob which soon turned into a heart shape. I wonder if she's magical too?

5. She loves makeup.

Not to wear! Whenever I get my makeup bag/box out to get ready she loves it. She always wants to get up on my lap. She sits between my legs and inspects all my different bits of make up. She paws at them and sniffs them like she wants to wear them, but obviously I don't let her. She's far too young for that! ;)



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  1. OMG she is darling! I just love her little happy face. Bambi and Bear. Those names are so cute! I call both my boyfriend and my dog "Bear". Together, they are "Bear Squared". It's my little term of endearment.

    Nestled in Nostalgia