Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year, New Me, New Start!

How the heck is it 2013 already!? I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.
Back to reality now.

2012 was a great year for me, I went through lots of ups and downs but the highs have greatly outweighed the lows and I'm looking forward to a happy and healthy 2013. Here's my recap of the last year...

January 2012
- I started off the year being very busy running my handmade jewellery company called Diamonds and Daggers. I launched new products lines and made many New Years Resolutions that I knew I wouldn't keep.

February 2012
- I celebrated Kym's birthday, got a new stockist for my handmade jewellery, brought far too many headscarves and red lipstick and played in the snow.

March 2012
- Celebrated Mother's Day, International Women's Day, Mum's birthday, spent a long time researching 1950's fashion and design and got a bit carried with the nautical fashion trend...

April 2012
- I took a fantastic weekend break to Brighton to celebrate my anniversary and decided that my future plan is to move there and buy a house as I just fell in love with the place so much. I also celebrated our one year anniversary of having Bear in our family. We picked him up on Easter Sunday 2011.

May 2012
- I worked with some amazing people on my jewellery business including an amazing model named Kwipi Lovebite from Sweden and Betty and Nick from Betty Bee Vintage. I spent a lot of time drinking cocktails, eating BBQs and enjoying the lovely weather.

June 2012
- I moved from London back to my hometown of Maidenhead. I spent quality time with my friends and family and regrouped.

July 2012
- Spent most of July in a summer haze enjoying the glorious British weather. We also welcomed our new hamster Sandy into the family.

August 2012
- Took part in the Pin Ups in Pinnies calendar with Betty Bee and generally just messed about having summer fun. I also booked my first holiday in nearly 7 years.

September 2012
- I celebrated 2 birthdays. I turned 24 and Bambi turned 4. I also went on holiday to the south of France for 10 days and had a blast!  

October 2012
- Really started to plan, research and develop my new business idea. Had lots of fun celebrating Halloween in my new home. I also got my new dog tattoo by Cassandra Frances in Leeds.

November 2012
- Worked super hard on researching and designing products for my new business, and tried to get everything ready on time to launch our new website. November was all about working and complaining about the rain. I also joined Slimming World and lost over half a stone in 4 weeks. I set myself a goal to reach a healthy weight and lose 7 stone in just over a year.

December 2012
- December was a crazy month. I closed my handmade jewellery business to focus all my attention and energy on creating a new brand and a successful future for myself. I had a lovely Christmas and came home refreshed, relaxed and ready for 2013.

How was your 2012? Do you like to take time out to review the last year or do you prefer to just roll straight into the year ahead without looking backwards? Whatever 2013 brings to us all, I hope it's filled with health, happiness and laughter.

Hayley xo

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