Monday, 21 January 2013

Self Employment Secrets: Be Inspired At "The Office"

One of the biggest lessons I've learnt during the past 3 years of being self employed it that you have to keep the inspiration flowing whilst your in work mode. You have to be "on" for a lot longer than people to have a general 9 - 5 job, sometimes working 14 hour days and keeping motivated and inspired during that time can be really difficult.

One of the best ways I have found to keep myself creatively inspired is to create a separate work space away from your everyday life and cram it full of everything that you love and that makes you feel happy and inspired.

Mine is in my living room, as I live in a very small flat and I don't have an extra room to put my office in, but I've carved out a separate work space and made it my own. It's filled with bright colours, always kept organised (I can't be creative in a messy room - it throws me off and gives me terrible anxiety) and crammed with loads of cute little trinkets and positive notes everywhere I look.
Hello Kitty in a Chihuahua Teacup
Hello Kitty in a Chihuahua teacup by Pilfered.
Unicorn Print
Unicorn Print by Little Things I Make.
By surrounding yourself with things that make you happy you are altering your mind set and automatically encouraging inspiration and creativity.
Chihuahua print by Rachel Baldwin with vintage vase and a photo of me and my bestie.

Have you won any awards or accomplished anything in your business that you are really proud of? Display them in your office. If you don't have anything physical to represent your accomplishment just make a simple word Document, print it off and frame it, like I have done to celebrate by WOW Business Woman award from Jacqueline Gold. Reminding yourself of what you have already achieved keeps you focused, proud and helps you to set new goals.

Create an environment that you want to spend time in. The more time you spend in a positive working environment, the more work you will get done. You'll be cashing those cheques and hiring employees in no time!

Encourage yourself by leaving inspiring messages in places that you are most likely to see them. Start off your day by writing a positive and encouraging message to yourself on a post-it note or whiteboard and place it somewhere where you will see it throughoutout the day. Make this a part of your new daily work routine and you'll start to feel the benefits almost instantly. Whenever you are feeling tired or stuck in a task, take a few seconds to re-read your note and get back to kicking ass!

Make organising fun. Don't just get a boring old calendar and post it notes. Get ones that will make you smile every time you look at them. The happier you are, the more productive and focused you will be.

Leave inspiring books or magazines within arms reach. Got an extra 10 minutes for your lunch break? Go for a walk or read a passage from your favourite book or magazine to take your mind off of work and to clear your head. You'll come back to it afterwards feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Make your office your own personal haven. It's your safe space where you can get stuff done, get away from everything else and let your creativity flow freely. Fill it with everything you adore. If a stranger walked into your space tomorrow they should know instantly by looking at it who you are and why you work there. Have fun, there are no restrictions!

I hope this post has inspired you to jazz up your office a bit. If you're inspired to do some redecorating or even just a reshuffle, please do send me pictures, either by leaving links in the comments below or by emailing me at

Get creating!

Hayley xo




  1. I have worked from home for the past year. I began converting my lounge to an office yesterday and I am already feeling the energy of having my own working space!

    1. It's made such a difference to me in such a short time. Glad you are enjoying your new office! :) xx

  2. Love this post, love your work space-love you x
    Betty Bee