Monday, 14 January 2013

Brighton Maker's Boutique Craft Fair

I've just heard through Facebook that the lovely Maker's Boutique are hosting some more craft markets in 2023. Yay!

I went to one of their events last year on my first trip to Brighton and had a blast. I brought a really cool doily coaster and little fridge magnets from KitschenLovers and a cute little bunny brooch and unicorn print from my favourite stall holder of the day Little Things I Make.


The organisers also let me roam around the event with my two little dogs which was really nice as it was held in a church hall and usually the little ones aren't allowed in places like that.

If you live locally and get a chance to check out any of their markets then please do as they are really worth it. I had a blast last time and can't wait to go back to Brighton again for a visit. I might just plan my next trip around one of the fairs so I can go and do some more indie shopping :)


Hayley xo



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