Monday, 25 June 2012

Animal Tattoo Art - Prints by Rachel Jamie Baldwin

Rachel Baldwin (was McCarthy) is my favourite tattoo artist. She's based in Birmingham and I've blogged about her many times on my other blog and she's even been featured as my tattoo artist of the month in June last year (a feature that I will be soon transferring onto this blog, but more about that later.) I have at least 2 big tattoos planned with her, but unfortunately I was a huge ding bat and forgot that her books were reopening on May 30th and I didn't book my appointments :(

So when I was looking for some fun prints to collect and put around my studio (and eventually the salon) I knew just where to go to find some cool tattoo animal art. I already have the chihuahua print from Rachel's Etsy shop but I'm going to buy one of each of all the other dog prints. Aren't they cool!?

 Rachel also makes jewellery and phone cases using her amazing artwork so check out her Etsy Shop for more amazingness.

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