Friday, 22 June 2012

Poodles and Pompadours' Shiny New Logo - by Betty Bee Design

Look at our shiny new logo! Isn't it gorgeous?

I'm an avid reader/follower/general internet stalker of Betty Bee and her amazing vintage blog (Tales from Betty Bee Towers) so when I was looking for someone to create my new logo and she mentioned that her husband was a graphic designer I knew I had found who I was looking for.

Nick runs a photography business (Betty Bee Photography) with Betty and also runs BB Design where he creates amazing artwork, including T-Shirt designs and logos. Here's some of his amazing work below...

We talked about what I wanted and I sent him some pictures that I liked for inspiration. He sent me each draft as we went along and I loved every single one. I only made one change to the finished design which was to add a beauty mark to her face!
I can't actually believe how much he managed to give me exactly what I have wanted. I've worked with graphic designers before and no one has ever been able to create something that was so true to my vision (probably because I'm such a fussy control freak!) but Nick just seemed to get it straight away and his prices are so reasonable! I'd really recommend him if you are looking to get any artwork done.

I'm so pleased with the finished design and I can't wait to start using it on all of my products.
If you would like to contact Nick for a quote or to discuss anything you might be interested in you can visit his website and tell him I sent you :) 
Thanks Nick! You're a star!


  1. I LOVE the new logo! It is brilliant :D

  2. This is really an amazing logo! It’s perfect for your product line. What I really like about it is that it’s really remarkable and quite distinct among the other brands. Nick really did a great job with it. Cheers!

    Marta Terry @ Canyon Marketing