Monday, 4 June 2012

Keeping Your Pets Safe in Summer - Pet Sunscreen

I've blogged before about the importance of keeping your pets safe in the summer months. They should have access to fresh clean water and shade at all times during the day so that they don't overheat. Whilst we are becoming more and more aware of the sun's dangers to our skin, we rarely think about what it is doing to our pet's skin, and the fact is - animals get skin cancer too.

If you pet has very fair hair, or areas of skin that are easily exposed to the sun, you should be applying sun cream or sun block to their skin at regular intervals throughout the day, especially on their ears and the tips of their noses.

I've read online that anything that is safe for very young babies can be used on animals, but I'm not entirely sure if that is true as babies tend not to spend the majority of the day licking themselves. If you are thinking of applying baby suncream to your dog or pet, please check with your vet first to see what they recommend.

Alternatively you could always invest in some pet safe sun cream. Yes, that's right! Sun cream for dogs!

I usually buy my dog food from because they carry the specific chihuahua food that my dog's like as recommended by the vet and they always have good prices and great deals and it's much cheaper than buying directly from my vet or pet shop.

When I was ordering my dog food this month I decided to do a quick search of the website to see if they had any pet sun cream available as the weather is getting very warm. They do! Result!

I've ordered a bottle of this Petscreen SPF23 Sun Lotion. It only costs £10.39 with free delivery.

Petscreen SPF23 Sun Lotion is a sunscreen specifically formulated for animals. Factor 23 comes in a pump, is non-greasy, lick resistant and quick drying.
PETSCREEN SPF23 is a clear liquid sunscreen agent especially developed to protect susceptible animals from the sun. When high levels of sunshine are present, skin cancer and sun-related tumours are a very real possibility. Light-skinned or white-coloured animals are particularly at risk from skin cancer. 
PETSCREEN SPF23 contains 4 different sunscreen agents in a quick-drying base, giving a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 23 with broad- spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB components of sunlight.

PETSCREEN SPF23 should be applied liberally to susceptible areas once a day. For animals that don't like sprays, PETSCREEN SPF23 can be sprayed onto a cotton-wool swab and then wiped onto the desired areas. PETSCREEN SPF23 must not be used on sensitive areas, like noses. It should not be applied to broken skin.
Perfect for doggies who want to enjoy the sun safely!

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