Friday, 1 June 2012

Dog Owner of The Week: ReeRee Rockette - Owner of Rockalily Cuts

I'm introducing a new blog feature to show off some dog owners who I think are truly awesome. This will include a variety of people who I think are pretty cool and they are obviously even cooler because they devote most of their lives to looking after their 4 legged friends. These people could be alternative looking, vintage inspired, business owners, designers, performers or just generally all kinds of awesome.

We're kicking it off today with the lovely ReeRee Rockette, who is proud owner to new arrival Ellington (Oh, and Rockalily Cuts, of course!)

P&P - Tell us a bit about yourself, ReeRee...
ReeRee - I own Rockalily Cuts, and I blog about my life journey along the way (fashion, beauty, hair, rockabilly, business and vintage). I love relaxing in a coffee shop with a new book; not much else makes me happier!

P&P - And who is your little doggy friend?
ReeRee - Ellington is a Yorkshire Terrier. I was told he was 5, but I'm convinced he's a bit older. Others say he looks like a teddy bear, but I think he's a bit fox-like!

P&P - Was there a particular reason that you chose to have a Yorkshire Terrier over any other breed?
ReeRee - I knew I wanted a small dog, and they would have to fit into my life! He is a rescue though, so I think fate found me the right buddy!

P&P - What is the most enjoyable thing about having Ellington in your life?
ReeRee - I love how many people come and chat to me. It's pretty constant, and it makes London a much friendlier place!
 P&P - You're a very busy lady. You run your own hair salon, networking group and you blog about your alternative lifestyle. How do you fit in having a dog amongst all that?
ReeRee - Ellington is a working dog! He gets on the train each morning to work, and hangs out in the salon with me. He likes people, and is very easy going, but he does relax most when he's near me.

P&P - What do you find most challenging about having a Ellington?
ReeRee - Having to plan my needs around his. If I need to pop into a shop, but they don't allow dogs, for example. His vet bills can mount up too!
P&P - I know the feeling! What is your most favourite thing to do with Ellington when you're not working?
ReeRee - Just hanging out in bed really. He likes a quick snuggle, real close to my face, and then goes and chills out at the other end. I like seeing him relaxed.

P&P -  Do you have any special tips, tricks or products that have made being a dog owner easier for you?
ReeRee - I love my poo bag, with a little hole at the bottom, so that I can just pull a bag out. It makes the whole process a lot faster, as you don't need to open your handbag to find a poo bag! I'm not a fan of spending too much money on things he doesn't care about, so I have used a doll bed, and a picnic basket as his beds. 

P&P - Very resourceful! Bambi had a bed made from a wicker basket when she was a puppy. If there was one piece of advice that you could give to anyone thinking
about getting a dog, what would it be and why?

ReeRee - Trust your gut, but just be aware of how much of a commitment they really are. If you fancy staying out all night having a mad one, the dog may not be super happy being left do have to consider the dog first most of the time.
Great advice, as always from ReeRee. And isn't Ellington such a cutie? I'm sure he'll be very popular in the salon. 
If you'd like to meet Ellington and get an awesome haircut in the process, why not pop into the Rockalily Cuts salon at 205 Kingsland Road, E2 8AN 
or visit their website:

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