Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Red Lippy Project

I was reading about this in the paper the other day, and if there's anything that will get me to pay attention to a cause, it's red lipstick, so I thought I'd share this with you as I know most of you love red lipstick as much as I do.

"Cervical Screening Awareness Week

9-15 June 2013 Put on your red lips and make a mark on Cervical Cancer

In the UK, cervical cancer is largely preventable thanks to the successful National Cervical Screening Programme and more recently, the HPV vaccination programme in schools. It is estimated that screening saves up to 5,000 lives every year and yet 20% of eligible women fail to attend screening when invited.

The Eve Appeal is delighted to join forces with The Red Lippy Project during Cervical Screening Awareness Week, to highlight the importance of attending screening when invited, especially in the younger age groups. Nearly 68% of women aged between 25 – 29 missed their screening invitation in 2011/12.

What can you do to help?

Don the brightest red lippy you can find during the awareness week, pucker up and spread the word about screening, and make a donation to The Eve Appeal to raise funds for vital research.

Text Giving details: Text TRLP80 £10 To 70070

Be bold, be glamorous, and join the Red Lippy Project

Red Lips Say:

“We wanted to make the little talked about cervical test less taboo.

The campaign is celebrating femininity and the importance of looking after ourselves and each other.

The initial idea was to create a platform that talked openly about the importance of cervical screenings and cervical cancer with a fun, bold, visual language that women and especially younger women can relate to."

Pucker up, ladies! Xxx

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