Monday, 17 June 2013

Alpacas, and Donkeys and Sheep! Oh My! BCA (Berkshire College of Agriculture) Lambing Weekend and Open Day 2013

I've been meaning to blog about this for absolutely ages, but somehow this just got forgotten about.
On Sunday 28th April we went along to the BCA Lambing Weekend which is held every year at the Berkshire College of Agriculture. They have a college open day for prospective new students but also a full weekend full of different events such a dog shows, horse shows, feeding the lambs, sheep racing, a food market and lots more.
It's the first time I've been since I was a small chld but I'd definitely go again. I had a great time and met some really love people.

They had a food market and craft market with lots and lots of lovely looking and scummy things. They also had a Dog Show which Bambi & Bear entered.

You could go and stroke and feed the Alpacas, and there was even a stall there selling items knitted and crouched from Alpaca wool. It's so soft!

There was so many things to do with the dogs there. They had the Siberiam Husky Association, Fly Ball, Sheep Dog Training, Agility and of course the dog show which was judged by the students. The fly ball was so amazing. For £1 you could have a go with your dog, but I was a bit too nervous to try. It's definitely made me want to do more of that sort of training with Bear and Bambi though.

They even had little ducks and chickens for sale. How cute! I really wanted to buy them but I wasn't allowed :( When I have my own house I can't wait to have all the animals I can possibly cram in. There'll be ducks and chickens and pigs and god knows what else.

The sign from one of the food stalls really made me laugh. Everyone was stopping to take pictures of it and laughing. Great but of business marketing too ;)

I had a really great time and I think they have another event on during the summer holidays so if you have a chance to attend you should.

For more information about the college and what they do there you can visit their website at


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