Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ice Cream for Dogs! Billy + Margot Nutritious Iced Treats for Dogs

A few years ago I was delighted to hear of the K99 Ice Cream Van for Dogs, that would spend that summer touring the parks of the UK and serving up delicious ice cream to our doggy friends. I was so excited about the concept of this and thought it was a great idea, and the POOF! It disappeared.

But now we have an even better substitute for the elusive doggy ice cream truck. I would like to introduce you to Billy + Margot. An ice cream company for dogs! Hooray!!!
 Founder by Marie Sawle, a Nutritional Therapist, realised she needed to make a doggy friendly ice cream when her Labrador Billy used to chase ice cream trucks down the street, hoping that he would get a lick. 

“As a Nutritionist, I was worried that my dog was eating dairy, artificial sweeteners, artificial additives, colourants and a host of other unhealthy ingredients,” says Marie.

“I started my company to give our beloved dogs a frozen treat that was good for them and just for them. I wanted them to have the option to indulge occasionally, without ingesting nasty chemicals.”

 Iced treats are based on pure, authentic and honest ingredients with an emphasis on good health.

“I haven’t cut any corners or made any compromises – ingredients are clearly chosen for their health benefits and their great taste,” Marie points out. “Ask Margot our chef taster!”
It’s so nice to know that we can give our dogs a frozen treat without worrying about their health and weight;  and we can eat our own ice cream without feeling guilty that they can’t have their own.

Billy + Margot comes in 2 different flavours: Apple, Banana and Carrot and Strawberry and Apple and both flavours are suitable for vegetarian dogs.

 I can't wait to get my hands on a pot (or two!) and see just how crazy Bambi and Bear go for it. If it goes well I might even see about stocking it in the shop :)

Hayley xo

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