Thursday, 12 June 2014

What Does My Grooming Appointment Include?

What does my Pets grooming include?
We have different grooming packages available. Please ask us for details.

All dogs will receive a massaging bath using shampoos & conditioners selected for their individual coat & skin needs. Our special tearless shampoo is used for the face area. We then hand dry & brush out the coat, clip nails* & clean ears.**  Feet, pads & sanitary areas are trimmed as applicable. We will then do any styling/clipping & scissoring appropriate to his/her breed or as requested.
A finishing spray &/or cologne will be applied to the coat leaving your pet feeling, smelling & looking fabulous..

*Grooming always includes nails. The only exception to this would be dogs that become overly aggressive or panicked to the point where it would be unsafe for us to provide this service.

**Please note, because cleaning the ear can cause further irritation & make it difficult for your vet to diagnose the problem, we do not clean ears that show signs of inflammation, soreness or any condition that needs to be attended by a vet.

Do you express Anal Glands?
No. It is actually illegal under the The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 for anyone other than a current member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to do certain cleansing procedures including Anal Gland Expression, Teeth Descaling, Ear Plucking in the event of an infection and applying prescribed medications such as flea & tick spot-on treatment in return for money. For this reason, we do not offer these services.

How long will my dogs grooming take?
This all depends on the individual pet. Coat condition, age, temperament, breed and style are all relevant factors. When we meet your dog we can discuss any relevant issues, as each client is different. Our main concern is the welfare of your pet whilst in our care and to make it an enjoyable experience for them. Our parlour is quiet and calm due to the fact that we only offer one on one appointments. We usually have relaxing music playing which dogs find soothing and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Most dogs are groomed straight through, allowing them to be picked up within a few hours as apposed to being left all day.

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