Friday, 4 April 2014

Back to School - Days 17, 18 and 19

Hi guys.

Sorry I haven't posted my blog for the last few days. I've just been so tired when I've gotten home.

Day 17

The morning was spent grooming Hactir the Labradoodle. He was very matted and his owner was very upset, but she soon cheered up after seeing his lovely new haircut and he felt loads better afterwards too.

After lunch I groomed Jasper the Yorkie. He was absolutely tiny! As you can see he's about the same length as my clippers and the pen that is next to him looks huge!

Day 18

This was a real hump day for me. It sunk in that I really only have a few days left and I started to panic. I groomed William the Shih Tzu in the morning and really struggled. It was a simple lamb cut but William is the hairiest Shih Tzu I've ever seen and he hasn't been to a groomer in over 6 months. It was a lot of work and he was just a massive ball of hair. I really struggled to put the shape in from scratch and started to get a little flustered but Christine really helped me and MADD him look lovely when he was finished.

In the afternoon I had a nice easy dog to do. Barbaro the Longhaired Chihuahua was in for a Bath and Tidy, and seeing as I have 2 at home, I felt pretty sure I knew what I was meant to be doing with him but it was good to learn some tips from Christine about how to best deal with the undercoat.

Day 19

In the morning I groomed Louis the Westie. I felt pretty confident about what I aw doing and was just able to get on with it without asking too many questions.

He already had good shape and lines put in so it made it a lot easier and I was really only trimming him but it gave me the little confidence boost that I needed.

The afternoon we were short-dogged so I  gave the dog that I was going to do to a fellow student so that she could do her exam. She did a beautiful job on him and passed! Hooray!

I helped (kind of) to groom Toby the Yorkie crossbreed. He was shaved off all over and we did his head like a border terrier. He was really cute and kept sticking his tongue out at us.

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