Thursday, 5 December 2013



You know the Vodafone 4G Makeover competition that I entered and asked you to vote for?

We'll I've only gone an bloomin' won it!

To enter, I had to send in a photo of what ‘sharing’ means to my business.

This is the photo I chose to send in as I think it quite accurately shows the values and everyday nature of what my small business is about.

Everything we do in life is shared with our pets. We share our daily lives with these amazing animals and get so much back in return. I think this picture of Bambi, Bear and Sandy sharing the bed just really summed that up for me.

"Share the love."

Thanks to you guys' amazing support I won the competition and my prize is a 4G contract for 24 months with 4G-enabled devices. Plus I’ll feature in Vodafone's ‘Day in the Life of British Business’ national advertising and be Vodafone’s ‘face of 4G’.

I can't believe it!

Thank you again to everyone who voted. You'll be hearing a lot more from me now that I have 4G ;)

Lots of love,

Hayley x

P.S to read more about the competition you can go to:

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