Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bambi and Bear Review: ScruffyChops Natural Mineral Dog Shampoo


The lovely people at ScruffyChops were kind enough to send me a free sample of their natural mineral pet shampoo and conditioners to test out and after opening the package, I couldn't wait to get Bear in the bath tub to try out these gorgeous smelling products.

ScruffyChops are a natural mineral pet shampoo creators. All of their products are created to focus on looking after your dog's skin and can help to soothe dryness and itching.

Some of their qualities include • Natural Ingredients • Certified organic ingredients • pH balanced for dogs • Dead Sea Minerals • Oatmeal • Aloe Vera • Vitamin E • Pro vitamin B5 • Sulfate free formula • Reduced plastic packaging • Cruelty free & much more...

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. Most pet shampoos, like human shampoos, come in bottles which means that towards the end your left awkwardly unscrewing the lid, shaking, tapping and leaving the bottle upside down to get the remaining drops of the product out which can be very difficult if you also have a wriggly pet in the bath. ScruffyChops have a plastic squeezey packaging which means less waste as you can squeeze the last few drops out easily.

I usually rate pet shampoos on the 4 S's:

Scent - Does it smell good?

Soap - Does it clean and lather well?

Soft - Does it leave the hair feeling soft and silky?

Shine - Is the hair left looking shiny and healthy after use?

I brushed Bear before putting him in the bath to remove excess dead hair, knots and dirt, and then got to the fun bit!



I was sent Rhubarking Bad Shampoo and Muddy Marvelous Conditioner.

The Rhubard and Custard shampoo was by far my favourite and smells absolutely delicious. I couldn't stop sniffing it as it reminded me of the Rhubard and custard sweets that I used to get as a child. The Muddy Marvelous conditioner is a Dead Sea mud mineral conditioner and smells heavenly. I was pretty surprised when I used it as it actually smells like an expensive skin or hair mask that you would use for humans!


One of my main bug bears about a lot of pet shampoos is that they usually don't lather well enough to get a good clean of the dogs coat and skin. This was definitely not the case with ScruffyChops and I actually ended up using too much shampoo as it lathers so well. Usually I find that I have to use a lot of shampoo as even though Bear is small, he has a very thick coat, but I only had to use a tiny amount of this to get a good lather.

The same has to be said for the conditioner. Although (obviously,) this doesn't lather as it's not supposed to, you only have to use a small amount to get a good coverage on the coat.


The condition of Bear's coat after using these products is absolutely beautiful. He has soft hair anyway and it's always been kept in good condition, but it was softer than normal and had a lovely shine to it. I'm writing this the day after bathing him and his hair is still just as soft, shiny and smells delicious.

As he has a long, thick coat I tend to always use conditioner to prevent it from knots and tangles but I have to say this is the best conditioner I have used so far. It feels really luxurious and rivals some of the best human conditioners that I use on my own hair. If ScruffyChops had a human version I would buy it fir myself!


Bear's coat looks super shiny after his bath. As he has a black coat, his hair can sometimes look a little dull and the colours muted, but the shampoo and conditioner really seem to have brought some extra shine lustre to his coat.

I think the fact that these products are natural mineral shampoos really adds to the extra soft and shiny finish that they give as the minerals will help to nourish the natural oils in the dogs skin which will make the coat look really healthy.



The shampoo is priced at £5.99 and the conditioner is £6.99 which I think is really great value fir money for such an effective product. The great thing about these having such a good lather is that you use less product so you get more for your money, and their won't be any wasted product at the bottom of the bottle!


Thanks ScruffyChops for sending me these lovely gifts. I'll be heading over to your website when these eventually run out to try your other scents.

Hayley xxx


Bear says: "I loved my bath time with ScruffyChops shampoo. My coat is looking and smelling great! Maybe now I can compete with the Pug at the park for the ladies' attention."


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