Sunday, 29 September 2013

Happy Birthday Bambi! 5 today!

This is one of the first pictures that I ever took of Bambi. We were in the car on the way home from the breeders and she is just 11 weeks old.
I can't believe Bambi is 5 today! It doesn't feel like 4 and 3/4 years ago that we welcomed her into our lives.

Most people don't know this but Bambi is actually Irish. I was living in Ireland at the time and decided it was time to get a canine companion so I did some research and we got her from a reputable breeder who was a few hours drive away from where we were living in Cork. She's pedigree (Her Kennel Club name is Molly's Angel which I think is very sweet) and we have her little family tree which I love to get out every now and again and look at. Her Dad was called Little Rebel which I think is the coolest name ever!


This little bundle of love has brought so much joy into my life. She's helped me in ways that she will never understand and I honestly don't know what I would do without her.

Happy Birthday, Bambi.

Be prepared to be spoilt rotten!



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