Thursday, 5 September 2013

Time for Tea: Scones & BFFS

A few days before Lucy went to Australia we had some BFF time and went to check out this really cute little tea room in Cookham.
The shop is new and has a quaint, country vintage feel to it. The owners there were absolutely lovely and I would go back just to talk to them!

The reason that we went there in the first place is because they offer a nice selection of gluten free cakes and both myself and Lucy are gluten intollerant. Actually - most of my friends are which is quite funny. I'll blog more about my new discovery of being gluten intollerant in a different post, as a gluten free diet seems to be quite popular these days (thankfully for me as it means I can get gluten free food more easily!)

Having said that, however, they had run out of gluten free stuff so Lucy and I both decided to risk it and suffer with poorly bellies for the sake of eating a delicious scone. It was so yummy!

The gluten and wheat free cakes are made by baker, Janet Reeve of The Cake Tin in Bourne End. Hopefully they have some left next time we go as I'd really like to try some.

I would really recommend this place. It's a great spot for a catch up with a friend or even for going to lunch with your Mum and it makes a nice change than going to a cage or coffee shop. If the weather's nice you can even sit in their cute little garden area outside.

As we said goodbye to the ladies and left to go back to the car, we spotted another amazing shop across the road and we mesmerised by the chairs that they had on display outside. We had to go in!

Trade Interiors on Cookham Highstreet is my new favourite shop in the whole world, and if I didn't have my heart set on creating my own pet boutique and grooming parlour, I would want to own a shop like this.

It is a treasure trove of goodies. Imagine if Ariel from The Little Mermiad set up shop with all of the amazing oddities that she had collected and this is what you would get. I absolutely love this shop and everywhere I looked I would let out another squeal of excitement.

I have a few pieces that I have put on my wish list for my birthday, and there is a giant pair of scissors which I would LOVE for when I eventually get my own little grooming room.

Look at this little guy! Isn't he cute?

Tony has a really good eye for this kind of stuff and I'm sure it won't take long for the shop to completely sell out - I just hope it isn't before I get the pieces I want!

Trade Interiors - Something for everyone, even Dave.

Thanks Lucy for a great day out!
Hayley x











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