Thursday, 18 July 2013

Poodles and Pompadours Days Out: Windsor Dog Show

On Friday 28th June, I whacked on some read lippy and popped down the road to Windsor for the Hounds and Toys day at Windsor Championship Dog Show.
I'd actually never been to a dog show before and I was so excited to go.
I had a really nice day. There was loads of different stalls there selling everything from dog food, beds, toys, grooming supplies and pup cakes and I got to meet the lovely Charlotte and Gregory of Precious Pets Ltd who I have blogged about before, and her absolutely gorgeous Bichon, Precious.
Precious really is he best testimonial for the business that they could possibly have. Stroking her was like touching a little fluffy cloud. So soft!
My first stop of the day, however, was fairly obvious to most people who know me. It was the Long Coat Chihuahua judging ring!
There were some absolutely beautiful dogs being shown and I know Bambi and Bear would have loved to have come along and made friends with them all, but unfortunately only show dogs were allowed in the event.
The Kennel Club had a little room at the show too, and you could pop in and ask any questions that you might have and also see if your dog would pass the Good CitizenTest. I don't think Bambi or Bear would pass this to be honest as they aren't very obidient but is certainly something that I would love to do with them. Great for obedience training, stimulation and generally just bonding and spending more quality time with your dog.

There were literally hundreds of different dog breeds to look at and admire and I loved looking at the differences between them all. Seeing a chihuahua standing next to and wolf hound was really quite amusing.

I also fell in love with the Italina Greyhounds. They are absolutely adorable and I really want one!

I can't wait to go again next year!

Hopefully I might even have a stall :)

Hayley x


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