Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dog Sitting Adventures

So for the past 10 days I've been dog sitting for one of my regular clients, Bam Bam (a Chihuahua mix) & Pebbles (a long hair chihuahua), but this time was a little bit different as they came with their new little brother, Hamilton.

They were a joy to have, and are always a pleasure to look after, but as you can imagine having 5 dogs in the house was a bit of a handful at times!Hamilton is a 5 month old Airedale Terrier and is literally so cute.

Here they are doing a wonderful job at modelling some Poodles and Pompadours handmade bandanas. Don't they look cute?

We went on lots of walks and even took them to Dorney to walk around the Olympic lake which they really enjoyed. Thank goodness for the lovely weather we've been having!

I got out the paddling pool for them to have a splash around in and cool down at the weekend, although they weren't that interested in it, and just used it as an oversized drinking bowl.

I've sent them back to Mummy and Daddy with a CD full of images so that they can see how they got on, on their holiday. Only the best for our clients!

Now I've got to de-fluff my house and do a day of housework, as you can imagine, 5 dogs can get rather messy, but it's all worth it in the end.

Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine!

Hayley xo

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