Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hello Spring? It's me. Are you there?

Hi Everyone!

How are you? Did you all survive the weekend? What the hell is going on with this crazy weather? I don't think I can remember the last time I was so bloody cold! Bambi and Bear are certainly not fans of the wind either. They nearly got blown away on our walk yesterday!

How did you spend your weekend? Snuggled up under the duvet? That's all I really wanted to do but I've mainly spent all of my spare time preparing for my trip to Paris in April.

I hope the weather warms up a bit before then!

I've got all my bags packed, and comfy outfits sorted for the long days at the park. I'm taking lots of layered clothes but hopefully it won't be too cold. As I mentioned before I'm hoping to do some OOTD posts whilst I'm out there.

I've also been trying to break in my new comfy shoes. I got some new trainer type shoes to take with me as all I have are big boots or ballet flats and they aren't the most comfortable for walking really long distances in.

We went for a walk around Eton/Dorney Lake with the dogs and honestly I think it was colder than the Antarctic. The wind was so strong and it was just piercing through my layers and layers of thick clothes. My skin was so sore afterwards. It was horrible!

Usually there is loads of dog walkers there. We met this cute little baby pug there last time we went, but obviously everybody else had the right idea and stayed at home in the warm!

I also went out for a lovely pub lunch with the family at The Shire Horse in Maidenhead. It was really nice to be able to talk to people that normally you can't really see that much, for whatever reason, and I had a really nice time.

This is me just before I left. I forgot to blot my lipstick before I left as I was in a rush and it ended up all over my teeth. What a rookie mistake!


I was also a good girl and stuck to my weight loss plan. I had diet coke to drink and a steak and salad for lunch. It was very yummy! I've lost just over 1.5 stone now and I am rather ambitiously hoping to get my 2 stone award before I leave for my trip to Paris, but I don't think 6lbs in 2 weeks is very realistic.

We'll see! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Speaking of Paris, I may have got a little bit over excited and insisting on eating my breakfast on Saturday morning out of my Disney egg ups like a 6 year old. I'm too excited! I just can't help acting like a big kid when it comes to anything Disney related.

What have you been up to? Has anyone else been to Disneyland Paris before? I need all the inside tips that I can get!

Much love,

Hayley xo


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