Thursday, 25 October 2012

My New Tattoo!! Dog Tattoo by Cassandra Frances (CFB Tattooist)

So for my birthday this year I was very lucky to be given some money towards a new tattoo. I was so excited as I've been wanting another tattoo for ages and have so many planned, but with running a small business all the spare money I have either goes back into the business or into my savings account as I'm trying to buy my first property in the next few years.

I have 3 major tattoos that I have been planning on getting for a long time now (nearly 2 years) and I finally decided to go ahead and get one of them.

I booked an appointment with Cassandra Frances of End Times Tattoo, Leeds as I knew she was a great animal lover and awesome artist. Alice from Things & Ink, Rowan from KitschenSink and Jenna from Pilfered have also had work done by her before and they all gave her such glowing reviews, and having checking out he portfolio I knew I had found the right artist.

I travelled up there on morning of the 23rd from London (4.5 hours on a bus and a very numb bum!) and spent the night in Leeds (more on that later!) and then went for my appointment in the city centre at 12pm on the 24th.

My tattoo was also a cover up of 2 smaller tattoos that were there before and both done at the same time by a rubbish person disguising themselves as an "artist". I promised myself that I would not start on any new pieces until I have had the ones that I got at a really bad shop fixed, so that is what I'm doing.
Needless to say that I learnt about the importance of choosing a good tattoo artist at a very young age! 

I also have to say that I did have second thoughts about getting the lizard covered as it was a memorial tattoo and even though it is an appalling quality it is very sentimental but I have decided to cover it and get a new (obviously much higher quality) memorial tattoo which is more fitting to the person it is supposed to represent.

I'm beyond pleased with the result of my new tattoo and can't wait until it's healed to show it off in it's full glory. Bambi and Bear love it too and I can't believe how much it looks like them!
Thanks so much, Cassie. You are one very talented lady.

Old and Appalling Quality tattoos done by a sham "artist" in Buckinghamshire.

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