Friday 19 October 2012

Dog Owner of The Week - Lynnette Peck Bateman - Owner of Lovely's Vintage Emporium

This week's Dog Owner of The Week is the gorgeous Lynnette Peck from Lovely's Vintage Emporium.

PP - Hi Lynnette! Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what you do...

I am a style journalist for magazines so I write features and style photo shoots, plus I own Lovely's Vintage Emporium the UK's first vintage fashion retail website that focuses on fashion trends.

I enjoy sourcing vintage, going to London Fashion Week, walking my dog Miss Polar, nagging my husband Nick Bateman, watching George & Mildred and drinking Snowballs (Advocaat & Lemonade with a cherry on top).

PP - Tell us more about Miss Polar.

Her full name is Miss Polar Bear Bateman, she is a crossbreed (ie a good old-fashioned mongrel) and we think she is a Labrador crossed with a Staffy. She had her fifth birthday party on 15th August this year.

PP -  Was there a particular reason that you chose a cross-breed?

No reason other than I walked into the Dogs Trust in Canterbury and saw her in a little basket behind the reception desk and it was love at first sight. I will only ever have a rescue dog though which is why I was at the Dogs Trust. They said that she was nervous and that if I picked her up she would wee all over me...I ignored them and put her on my knee and of course she didn't wee... from that moment she was mine and I am hers.

PP - What is the most enjoyable thing about having Miss Polar in your life?

How long have you got? Everything is enjoyable about having Miss Polar. I love cuddling her, talking to her, taking her for walks etc She is the best company and as I work from home she sits at my feet a lot. Other than my husband she is my best friend really. I even enjoy bathing her. Having said all that, I am aware she is a dog and not a baby so I do respect that and don't dress her up etc.

PP -  How do you fit in having a dog around your busy working life?

Not difficult at all as both my husband and I run our own businesses so we take her everywhere with us.

PP -  What do you find most challenging about being a dog Mummy?

The thought that she will die one day. Walking her in the rain and howling wind in winter is a challenge too...

PP -  What is your most favourite thing to do with Polar? How do you like to enjoy your time together?

Play ball in the garden as we both get exercise and have such fun.

PP -  Do you have any special tips, tricks or products that you would like to share with other dog owners?

Have a few sessions with a professional dog trainer one-on-one when you first get your dog, no matter the dogs age. I found this invaluable and still use the advice she gave me. For example, she said to only give chopped up carrot as a treat/food between meals. This has helped Miss Polar stay at the perfect weight.

My favourite product is Pets at Home Antibacterial Puppy Spray which I still use as it makes Miss Polar smell amazing and does get rid of the pong of fox poop and other things she rolls in (we live in the countryside).

Isn't Miss Polar the cutest!? If you want to see more Miss Polar related things make sure you subscribe to Lynnette's blog to keep up to date with their lovely family.

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  1. Thank you so much! Me and Miss Polar Dog are thrilled! Love Lynnette