Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Poodles and Pompadours go to Groom Pro Expo 2015

This weekend I travelled up to Knutsford in Cheshire to attend Groom Pro Expo with my 2 dog grooming buddies, Katie and Kris. Groom Pro Expo (GPE) is a two day industry event for dog groomers. I attended seminars spread out over the two days and got to hear some of the most amazing, world renowned groomers share their knowledge and expertise. Some had even travelled all the way from the USA!

On the Saturday I spent the day listening to seminars on Poodle Grooming, natural grooming products, scissor techniques, Asian fusion grooming and many more. On Saturday night we attended a beautiful gala dinner which was lovely, although I did leave before the end as I was just too tired. My brain was frazzled from all the learning!

On the Sunday I did more seminars on new products and different bits of equipment to help make your grooming better, creative grooming and how to best groom curly coated breeds. I also got to watch a schnauzer grooming seminar by the amazing Colin Taylor.

I learnt so much this weekend and can't wait to put some of my new knowledge into practise.
Scissor expert Jonathon David from the USA giving a seminar on Asian Fusian grooming. Jonathon is a huge TV star and has a celebrity client list that includes Mariah Carey.
Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco holding a seminar on a poodle trim. I was very excited to see them as I had watched snippets from their well known Super Styling Sessions on YouTube.

I was also super super excited to see Lori Craig do some creative grooming demonstrations. There was also the added bonus as her friend Su Eld-Weaver was there to support her. These two are my creative grooming heroes and it was a pleasure to see them both. I was too nervous and shy to speak to them but hopefully it won't be th last time we meet.

I also watched seminars by the amazing Colin Taylor, Julie Harris and Judy Hudson but didn't get any pictures of these as my phone ran out of battery. The line up was absolutely amazing and the awards that all of these groomers have won would fill a room. Their talent is outstanding and I hope one day to be half as good as they are. That's why I keep going to these events to further my education and improve my grooming.

I had a really fantastic weekend and spent far too much money! I can't wait to try out all of my new products and techniques. I will also be adding to the range creative grooming services that I already offer in the parlour so if you would like to try anything please let me know. The are all temporary treatmets that are completely pet safe and cruelty free so no need to worry about it harming your dog and they will absolutely LOVE the attention.

Hayley. X


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