Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Frosty Weather - Protect Your Dog's Paws

It's extremely frosty and icy today and I can only imagine it will continue to get colder over the coming weeks. I took this picture outside The Parlour this morning after defrosting my water supply to my bath!

Please remember to take extra care when walking your dogs in this weather. Avoid gritted roads or pavements where possible and only walk on soft ground as the grit can be both painful and dangerous to dogs if stood on or ingested. 

The salt and grit commonly used to make the roads safe for cars can burn animal paws and poison them if licked off once home. 

To protect your dogs from any unnecessary discomfort please invest in a good paw wax to help seal their paws before walks. Rub a small amount of paw wax on each paw before you take them outside to act as a protective barrier (make sure you also get in between the toes!) and always wipe their paws throughly with a wet cloth or wash them in a bowl of warm water once you have returned home to remove any risidule grit or salt that could be trapped between the toes. 

At The Parlour we use natural products wherever possible and I particularly favour the Paw Pal Natural Paw Wax by Health Mutt.

It's made from 100% natural ingredients and is cruelty free. All Health Mutt products are handmade in the UK and this Paw Pal Wax has no added essential oil to it's formula, making it suitable for puppies, pregnant or nursing mothers and the most sensitive of dogs (or their owners)

Keeping the hair around the feet and inbetween the paw pads short will make the process of applying the wax easier and you will be able to spot any sores or remaining grit more easily. Matted fur between the toes is also more common in cold, wet weather and this will help to eliminate that. Ask your groomer to do this at your next visit. 

Remember that there are also more dangerous and poisonous chemicals around at this time of year such as anti-freeze so please be extra vigilant when letting your pets outside.

Stay safe!

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