Monday, 7 July 2014

How can I check of my pet is healthy?

As a responsible pet owner you should be completing regular visual health checks on your pet.

You can do this whilst grooming them and you should be checking the following areas:


Eyes - should be bright and clear. No discharge.


Nose - Should be wet and shiny. No discharge or cracking.


Gums & Teeth - Teeth should be white and clean. No rotten or loose teeth or signs of bad breath, redness or inflammation.


Ears - Should be clean and smell free. Check for build up of wax and hair.


Genitals - Area should be kept clean and free from discharge, inflammation, blood or growths.


Skin - Should be free from lumps, lesions & parasites. Dry, itchy or red skin may be a sign of an allergy.


Nails and Feet - Nails should be short and free from fungal infection. Paw pads should not be cracked or sore. Check for excess hair growth between toes which can cause irritation.


Please contact your vet should you have any concerns about your pets health.



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